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Aris Moreno
I started out in this industry without a bit of inkling as to what internet marketing is about. I was working for a new company then, so I didn’t go through a formal training. As a result, I had to educate myself and learn about the field with the help of tutorials available online.

After years of self-study and gaining experience with several digital marketing companies in the Philippines and U.S., I can say that I’m already knowledgeable on the ins and outs of SEO and Internet marketing in general. That’s why I created a blog to share with my fellow Pinoys my insights about the industry, so that they can have a chance to establish a career in this field or grow their business through Internet marketing. I learned all of these for free, and I’m happy to share my knowledge without asking for anything in return.

I will cover a broad spectrum of topics about internet marketing—from basic to advanced. I will also share any new techniques or information that I will learn along the way.
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